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Nonmedical Home Health Care for the Elderly

What We Offer

After working at the homes of clients for many years, we have come to realize that the majority of seniors out there need more than the basic services provided by standard nonmedical home health care agencies. We have years of experience giving care to people with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, MS and much more.

That’s why when we started In Home Companion Care in Denver, Colorado, we promised to deliver more than what’s expected from us. Check out the information below to find out how we can make your senior’s life better. Once you’re ready to book our services, click here. 



  • Assistance With Dressing
  • Assistance With Fall Prevention
  • Assistance With Grooming
  • Assistance With Incontinence
  • Assistance With Mouth Care
  • Assistance With Personal Hygiene
  • Looking at Photos With the Client
  • Playing Games With the Client
  • Provide Companionship
  • Reading for the Client
  • Reminding Client About Medication
  • Reminiscing About the Client’s Past
  • Transferring and Positioning the Client
  • Transportation to and From Appointments

  • Walking the Client Outside
  • Watching Movies With the Client
  • And More!



  • Answering the Door
  • Answering the Phone
  • Bringing the Newspaper In
  • Clipping Coupons
  • Mailing Out Letters
  • Overseeing Deliveries
  • Rearranging Furniture
  • Setting Up Electronics
  • Sorting the Mail
  • Reminding the Client of Appointments
  • Helping the Client Make Appointments
  • Making Appointments for the Client per Request
  • And More!

Meal Planning and Preparation

  • Doing the Grocery Shopping
  • Monitoring Diet and Eating Habits
  • Keeping Track of Food Expiration Dates
  • Encouraging to Follow Diet Restrictions per the Health Provider
  • And More!



  • Keeping the Home Tidy
  • Caring for the Plants
  • Changing the Linens
  • Making the Beds
  • Dusting the House
  • Taking Out the Garbage
  • Organizing the Closets
  • And More!



  • Rearranging the Furniture
  • Doing Minor Household Repairs
  • Helping Move to a New Location
  • Cleaning the Carpet
  • Assisting With Downsizing
  • Washing the Windows



  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Power Washing
  • Pulling Weeds
  • Raking
  • Snow Removal
  • And More!

Final Arrangement Planning

The loss of a loved one is a very emotional time, and this is where people get taken advantage of. We will accompany the family to the mortuary and be the extra eyes and ears when making those final arrangements. For more information, call or email us today.

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